Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

Compan Sierpc – another OptiMES partner in Mazovia

We are happy to announce that PHU COMPAN Wojciech Watkowski has officially become the OptiMES Partner worth recommending. The team, whose leader is the owner, Mr. Wojciech since 2005, solves the IT problems of companies. Establishing cooperation was possible due to many years of experience of the Compan team confirmed by customer references. It is […]

Unit production – what is it?

Unit production is one of three types of production, separated by the quantity of produced goods, among mass production as well as mass production: semi-serial, medium-lot and mass-series. It is the production of single or small amounts of products. Unit production is the production of unique and unique products, in this type of production each […]

Characteristics of technological processes with examples from the chemical and textile industries

We have already written about definitions and components of the technological process in this articlehttps://optimes.syneo.pl/czym-polega-proces-technologiczny-produkcji-sa-etapy/. This time we present a few words about the types of technological processes, supporting examples of production companies from the textile and chemical industry. Types of technological processes Like most of the issues that we face in connection with production, […]

Kanban helps to solve the wastage problem in your company

Presentation of definitions If the word kanban is unfamiliar to you and you would like to become familiar with it, or you already know it and deepen your knowledge, then you must know first of all that it is one of the tools of the Lean Manufacturing concept. The concept of “Lean Manufacturing”, apart from […]

Technological card or compendium of knowledge about the product

What is a technology card? Technological documentation is a collection of documents registering the process of formation of the produced product. During it, the entire technological manual is prepared, ie: a list of workshop aids (handles, tools for machining and assembly), time standard card, material norm card, drawings of starting materials and semi-finished products (salads), […]

Release of version 1.17

Ladies and gentlemen, In the latest version, we’ve released the following improvements and new functionalities: New orders interface (items visible immediately, additional information shown by means of icon buttons at order items, better readability) Plan different amounts of semi-finished products for each operation in the order Items in the warehouse documents visible immediately after opening […]

The Pareto principle in a production company

The Pareto principle and its use in a production company. Is it possible to change only a few key factors so that the overall production efficiency in the enterprise is dramatically improved? There are many theoretical premises, but also empirical evidence that it is indeed feasible. It is enough to achieve the Pareto principle observed […]

Settlements of working time at Erplast sp. Z o. o.

In many manufacturing companies there is an increase in production capacity and continuous improvement. In the end, the side effects are always temporary problems with excess documentation and information flow. Fast growing employment and immature procedures cause confusion. Customer Erplast sp. Z o. o. Is one of the leading companies in the road infrastructure industry […]