Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

The balance of the magazine opening

This is something that modern warehouses can not function without, which is why it can be said with full responsibility that it is one of the most important documents in the magazine, because it allows the assessment of its actual state. From a formal point of view, this is one of many documents that should be available in a properly organized warehouse.

Until recently, running a warehouse was a real chore. It is enough to realize the existence of formal requirements, and then immediately imagine a huge amount of documents, although sorted in folders and binders, it is still difficult to organize. Often it was necessary to create dedicated rooms – archives specially for storing and archiving warehouse documents.

For years, the list of required documents has been growing instead of decreasing. Fortunately, at present, business owners can equip themselves with tools that have been created to improve the handling of full documentation. Especially noteworthy are intuitive computer programs, which definitely facilitate the completion of the required documents, and for this they allow convenient and non-intrusive storage of all documentation. Thanks to them, creating such documents as the opening balance of the magazine has become much easier.

But from the beginning! Let’s find out in more detail what the opening balance of the magazine is and what it was like to create this document sometime and what it looks like now.

How to prepare for preparing the opening balance of the warehouse?

Nowadays, the key element for efficiently carrying out the opening balance of the warehouse is to equip the company with appropriate warehouse software. There are many proposals on the market, but the choice of a system for a given company should be individual and fully adapted to the needs and specificity of a specific activity. In the era of universal digitization and hundreds of proposals for storage software, no one should have a problem with eliminating the time-consuming and arduousness of the preparation of the balance sheet, which characteristics particularly affect the employees of large enterprises.

An important issue that facilitates the creation of the opening balance of the magazine is the organization of work itself, and specifically its division. It is good to separate contractual zones in the warehouse and assign specific employees to them. Such a system makes it much easier to carry out the counting of the assortment, eliminate errors in the counting and, above all, avoid the situation in which the same goods are counted twice.

One thing, a very important element for the efficiency of organizing organizational activities in the warehouse, is keeping it in order. The ordered and ordered assortment is a material for fast and effective work. We recommend that before carrying out the opening balance of the warehouse, properly prepare the goods, in order to obtain data that fully reflects the actual state of the warehouse.

The balance of the magazine opening in practice.

If we went back in time by only a dozen or so years, the opening balance of the magazine would be a document written manually and carefully archived. Currently, thanks to the fact that we have a high level of digitalization and very easy access to the most modern professional computer programs, the magazine’s opening balance is created quickly and efficiently. This document includes information on the actual condition of the assortment of a particular warehouse. It always arises when there is a need to check the current state of storage, i.e. at the end of the year.

As before, when computers and intelligent work support systems were introduced for use, there was a need to transfer warehouse data from paper records to computer programs. Yes and today, if the use of one system is not satisfactory enough for the company, changing the system requires a new opening balance of the warehouse.

What should the opening balance of the warehouse include?

Due to the fact that the opening balance of the warehouse determines the actual stock level, this document must accurately reflect the exact state of the assortment located in the warehouse and information about its condition.

Preparation of the opening balance of the warehouse requires supplementing in the system of the following data:

  • product or product name – everything depends on the characteristics of the warehouse. Each industry uses the nomenclature adopted for itself, and so, for example in the case of a metallurgical products warehouse, these will be pipes, angles, etc.
  • the amount of the product is given, when possible, the art of the product, but in the case of goods that can not be determined in such a way, a suitable system of measures such as meters, kilograms, liters, etc. is used.
  • the value of the commodity – at this point it is necessary to provide the estimated and real market value of the product. We record in it how much the product cost us and what is its market price. This allows you to estimate the value of the entire assortment in the warehouse.
  • localization of the commodity – this is an additional point that can be entered into the balance sheet. Although it is not obligatory, it greatly facilitates the organization of the entire assortment and the orientation of whether each product is in the optimal place. This is helpful especially in the case of large warehouses, where the indication of location in documents helps to find them more efficiently in a warehouse.

Mandatory for each opening balance of the magazine should be the first three sub-points, the fourth is an option that only those who are willing to use..

The role of the warehouse in a production enterprise.

The warehouse in a production company fulfills important functions in three areas, basic for the functioning of the company. It’s about: supply, production and distribution. Only a well-organized warehouse is able to satisfy the needs of all three areas in a satisfactory manner. A rationally furnished and managed warehouse is the basis of warehouse management, which in manufacturing companies has a direct impact on the smooth flow of materials – from suppliers, through the production system, to the recipient. Therefore, it is worth making every effort to ensure that the organization of the magazine is as high as possible, because it has a direct impact on the process of production itself and satisfaction of the final customer. The foundation for fulfilling the above assumptions is the efficient flow of information between the warehouse and production and logistics, for this we need reliable data on the condition of the assortment – raw materials or products. Such information is the opening balance of the magazine, providing data on the state of the company’s resources.

How to conduct a warehouse opening balance?

After a solid preparation, that is, supplying the company with good software, as well as ordering the warehouse, there is nothing else but to conduct the opening balance.

The first phase of the works requires gathering accurate data on the actual condition of the assortment in the warehouse. At this stage, employees are needed to help, who will count and record information about the number of products reliably. If it is possible, it is worth supporting employees with electronic readers that automate the whole process and allow the person counting the assortment to enter data directly into the system. This solution significantly shortens the working time, because it does not require manual input of information by the computer, and at the same time helps eliminate errors when manually rewriting data.

After collecting all data, carefully enter them into the program. Many of them have an import function, so you can quickly transfer data from another file or program, if they are there.

How to make it easier?

The magazine’s opening balance proves that maintaining the full documentation of the warehouse is not the easiest task. Therefore, the more you should enjoy and, above all, use the computerization of the industry, which definitely facilitates the control of such issues as the state of the warehouse. However, it is certain that only reliable and individually selected warehouse programs are suitable for reliable and reliable record keeping.

The facilities offered by OptiMES storage software are used not only by the largest companies in Poland. The solution is prepared to improve the work of even a small company or warehouse. Our software is characterized by reliability and flexibility, which enables the system to be adapted to the characteristics of a given company. If you need a working warehouse, please contact us at 517 827 436 or biuro@syneo.pl.

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