Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

Accuracy class during production – what is it?

When we produce a product in a larger quantity, it is important that each art has reproducible features and properties, i.e. speaking a little more generally, it maintains a constant level of quality. Maintaining the set production quality standards allows to determine, first of all, the useful life of manufactured products and the conditions of […]

The importance of semi-finished products in the production process

The production process is commonly understood as the whole of actions aimed at transforming the starting materials and raw materials into finished products. Therefore, it includes, among others, work in the field of material supply, i.e. raw materials, energy supply, administrative and office activities, and others. All these activities are increasingly based on properly selected […]

Factory production control

It is impossible to take up this subject without developing the concept of Factory Production Control. ZKP, also operates under such an abbreviation, is an internal control of production, which should permanently operate in production plants and be systematically documented. Moreover, such control also requires the conformity of production with the technical specifications specific to […]

UKW students and practitioners of programming in one team – resolution of the “Team IT Project”

On 8 January 2019, the final of another initiative of the Bydgoszcz Information Cluster took place, this time in cooperation with the University of Kazimierz the Great. It was at the representative UKW Concert Hall in Bydgoszcz that the official presentation of projects created as part of the “Team IT Project” took place, including a […]

Magazine opening balance – What is it? How to prepare? How to carry out?

The balance of the magazine opening This is something that modern warehouses can not function without, which is why it can be said with full responsibility that it is one of the most important documents in the magazine, because it allows the assessment of its actual state. From a formal point of view, this is […]

Systems.net.pl – OptiMES new partner

SYSTEMS.net.pl a company providing outsourcing in companies and institutions in the field of administration of networks, systems and IT infrastructure. Our company has been operating since 2013, bringing together a team of experts from various fields of computer science and ICT, from network managers to programmers. We design and build networks, remote and onsite customer […]

Case Study from TOK-ART

About TOK-ART Tok-Art is an ambitious company that provides professional services in the comprehensive metalworking – milling, turning, threading, cutting, welding, pressing on the press, etc. Task for OptiMES The task of the implementation was to provide a convenient tool for managing the entire production. From planning the execution of orders, production orders, to operations […]