Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

CMMS system

CMMS is Computerised Maintenance Management Systems, which means computerised maintenance management support system. It is a specialized software dedicated to production plants, in which separate units operate, responsible for maintaining the technical condition of the plant at a specified level.

There are different definitions of management systems in the industry, so there is a similar expression to EAM (abbreviated to Enterprise Asset Management) – meaning management not only of the production equipment itself, but also of all the physical assets of the company, such as the car fleet, technical infrastructure, installations or buildings. These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, and this is because the vast majority of today’s CMMS systems as a result of self-development, had full functionality to manage not only the machine park, but also the entire property of the company. In essence, it is about extending maintenance tasks to the entire company. This includes well-trained operators, who are responsible for fewer failures, well thought-out purchases of machinery that guarantee trouble-free operation and reduction of UR costs in the future, or employees, whose task is to “periodic inspections” to take care of the operation of machinery.

Modular CMMS structure and its application

For some time CMMS has been implemented mainly in large plants with production lines. The implementation itself was complicated, expensive and assumed own IT infrastructure. Therefore, it is not surprising that only large factories could afford such a move. Since the spread of the Internet and the SAAS software model, the situation has changed dramatically. SAAS allows you to distribute your software via the Internet. Eliminates the need to install your own IT infrastructure and incur maintenance costs.

The modules of the CMMS system are:

  • Job order management and fault reporting
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Parts storage and cost monitoring
  • Scheduling tasks and maintenance work
  • The first one means management of work orders with faults. This is the basis of CMMS. It allows you to have fuller control over your failure reports and maintenance work, provides advanced solutions and reduces paperwork, resulting in increased productivity and improved team communication.

    Fixed assets management is the next step in the modules. It is a possibility to access the history of a fixed asset from the moment of purchase to the moment of scrapping. Thanks to CMMS, detailed data on fixed assets is available in one place, i.e. diagrams, information on warranties and other documentation, without unnecessary searches.

    The parts warehouse and cost monitoring allows effective monitoring of stock levels and informs about the absence of parts or low levels of stock levels. By linking elements such as spare parts with device models, the program itself tells the service technician which part to use or if it is available in stock.

    Periodic warranty reviews, maintenance work, warranty reviews and daily site inspections are included in the schedule of tasks and maintenance work. The program will automatically generate work orders based on time or measurement readings.

    All modules have functions that are useful for the daily work of the factory.

    CMMS action

    CMMS is a next-generation system based on a web browser. In this way, it provides all necessary and necessary functions for the work of internal technical services and external service companies, as well as for the comprehensive management of the company’s technical assets. The software includes both smaller programs, as well as those with much greater capabilities such as SUR or AGILITY with great capabilities, but also a high price.

    The reason CMMS software is growing at a significant rate is that decision-makers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that maintenance services are no longer an unnecessary burden for them and that they are becoming one of the basic elements of a modern manufacturing company. Initially, CMMS systems offered basic functionality such as a database related to devices. Thanks to this possibility it was possible to take proper care of consumables, take care of spare parts and plan repairs.

    CMMS system in practice

    The computer-aided maintenance of movement is a series of different elements which, when played together, form a single whole. The most important are: database; elements enabling communication between software and machines; user application that allows you to operate the system using a smartphone or browser.

    One can say that the CMMS is no different from others and creates a kind of “grid of connections” that allows data exchange and communication between its various elements.  As you can see, a professional CMMS solution for maintenance is a complex tool for operating and managing works. CMMS systems are also strongly integrated with an MRP solution, e.g. providing machine overhaul and maintenance schedules as one of the limitations for capacity planning.

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