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How much does a production engineer earn?

In recent years, there is a perception that engineers in Poland are poorly paid. This prompted many young university graduates to emigrate and settle outside of our country. However, is an engineer in Poland earning so little?

We undertake an analysis of an uneasy topic – how much a production engineer earns. On the example of this profession, we will track earnings over the years and compare them with foreign wages.

Production engineer – basic information

The production engineer is a relatively young profession. As a field of study at universities, it has only been available for over a dozen years. Very often it is referred to as the “occupation of the future”, and this is because the market has not been saturated with specialists in this industry so far.

In addition, after graduating from the field of production engineering, the graduate has a broad knowledge that can be used in many fields and industries. The field of study itself belongs to the interdisciplinary branches, which means that it is a combination of issues from several different fields.

What belongs to the tasks and responsibilities of a production engineer?

Simply put, the production engineer is involved in supervising and optimizing the production process of a given material. It defines the methods of producing the product and takes care of its quality and functionality. The engineer’s tasks include reacting to any irregularities in the production process, as well as performing activities that are to prevent such undesirable situations in the future. The specialist in this position, analyzing the production process, introduces new solutions and makes the production of the given product as optimal as possible.

Workplaces for production engineers

As in any profession, also in this case, earnings depend on the place of work. There are areas in which a production engineer can earn over PLN 10,000 a month. However, there are also smaller companies that pay less for specialists in this position.

Where can the production engineer find employment? In fact, due to the extremely wide knowledge and skills, the production engineer can count on employment in almost every field of the industry. Specialists are needed in all enterprises that have their own production process, they can be small family businesses, but also international, large corporations.

The demand for production engineers is reported not only by automotive or paper companies. The administrative or design units are very keen to employ specialists in this field. The engineer then deals with consulting services for companies and controlling the safety of the production process in nearby enterprises.

Production engineer – earnings in Poland

The production engineer’s earnings depend on many factors.
They are affected by:

  • – experience – graduates without experience can not count on such high rates as experienced specialists in this industry. However, after working a few years in the position, earnings are growing very fast.
  • -finished university – it is no surprise that large companies are more willing to employ graduates from renowned and esteemed colleges. The academic title is also important, but in this text we focus exclusively on engineers.
  • -qualifications – as in any profession, practical skills are also of great importance here. Specialized courses and knowledge of foreign languages make companies more willing to pay more.
  • -the features of character – this often overlooked aspect is of great importance in promotions and increases. The company’s bosses are more willing to reward specialists who can organize time, manage people and show creative and innovative ideas.

The production engineer immediately after graduation, depending on the place of work, can initially count at a rate of around PLN 4000 gross. Of course, in smaller companies this amount may be lower, but taking into account the earnings of graduates in other fields of study, how much the process engineer earns is doing very well. For example, the salary of a young doctor after graduation is from 2,000 to 3,500 zlotys gross. It should be noted, however, that a production engineer, if it works well and his work positively influences the optimization of the production process in an enterprise, he can count on annual increases of up to several thousand zlotys gross.

It is worth emphasizing that the production engineer is most often employed under a contract of employment. The companies are aware of the role that specialists play in this field, which is why they are more willing to offer cooperation for many years.

In Poland, the average salary of a production engineer is around PLN 5200 gross. However, you can often find job offers that speak about salaries in the range of PLN 6100 gross for specialists with two years of experience.

Earnings increase significantly in the case of promotion. The production team leader can count on earnings of 7000 PLN gross. His tasks, however, also include the management of human resources.

Production managers can count on the best earnings. Their salary starts from 9000 PLN gross, and often is much more. They are experienced specialists who have a real impact on the company’s work and without which the production process would be impossible.

Production engineer – earnings abroad

In this analysis, the two most frequent emigration directions of Poles – Germany and the United Kingdom were taken into account.

In Germany, a production engineer can count on earnings of around 4,400 Euro per month. Analyzing the cost of living and taxes with the salary of this with the self-help on hand is about 1500 Euro.

Similarly, the issue of earnings looks very much in Great Britain. There, the process engineer can count on a salary of around 3000-4000 pounds. In the United Kingdom, however, the cost of living is higher, so around 1000-1500 pounds remain with an independent life.

It should be remembered that the foreign market educates specialists in this industry for much longer and the market is much more saturated. Perhaps the time when traveling abroad was the only opportunity for engineers to get rich is slowly falling into the past.


Based on the above, it can be concluded that the earnings of a production engineer are at a high level and specialists in this industry can count on a good standard of living while working in our country.

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