Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system
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Why are indicators used to assess the operation of maintenance?

Each indicator maintaining the operation of movement has a separate, individual and precise function. All, however, strive to eliminate all possible failures, which in turn translates into the maximization of traffic.

What is maintenance?

With English maintenace, maintenance is a process as well as a process that is implemented as part of a wide production. These issues are primarily related to the availability of plant infrastructure, including machinery, installations and equipment. The maintenance is also to ensure the proper functioning, operation and consumption of the above machines. The maintenance has certain goals, among which are listed:

  • maintenance, repairs and inspections of devices;
  • managing spare parts and their stocks;
  • safety of both people and the environment;
  • keeping the plant equipment register;
  • implementation of maintenance strategies.

As the name suggests, maintenance is to ensure the smooth implementation of production orders thanks to the work of machines and guarantee their availability. For this purpose, various indicators are used, which monitor the correct course of devices and the entire plant, reduce the risk of unexpected failure, and also act as a corrective and preventive measure.

Indicators monitoring the operation of traffic

Currently, enterprises and plants decide to use fully professional methods, or indicators that monitor the operation of traffic at all times. These include, among others:

  • indicator MRT;
  • indicator MTR;
  • indicator MTTR;
  • indicator MTBF;
  • indicator OEE.

indicator MRT

The MRT (English Mean Reaction Time) is one of the most important tools that are used to monitor traffic. Its task is to determine the average time of taking action against the application. It is counted from the moment of registration to the start of work on the failure by a person from the department authorized by this. MRT aims to minimize the value of maintenance management.

indicator MTR

The MTR indicator, meaning Mean Time Repair, is an indicator that is mainly used as a measure of the ease of maintaining certain resources, devices or machines in the plant. Its task is to determine the average duration of the repair of a broken device or the replenishment of resources. At the same time, it shows at what time the technical department will react to the fault and how quickly it will remove it.

indicator MTTR

Another indicator is MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), which is to determine the average time needed to restore a given device or machine to a reliable operation. It is counted from the moment of stopping the product due to a failure. What’s more, this factor is very important first of all because of the speed of removing the fault. It is worth adding that the MTTR shows how and at what pace the maintenance department can operate and how quickly qualified employees are able to restore the machine to full efficiency.

Indicator MTBF

Therefore, the MTBF factor allows you to calculate when the next fault will occur, and thus allows you to prepare for it. This in turn means that as a result it will not have a negative impact on the production line.

Indicator OEE

The OEE indicator is not strictly related to the maintenance of the traffic, but also it is in its control to maximize the efficiency of the plants, as well as production processes. It is supposed to measure the efficiency of using resources owned by a given production plant based on the calculation of the product of three components, that is:

  • quality, or the ratio of the number of good products to all produced, including defective ones;
  • availability, real-time work relation to the total, possible use of it;
  • efficiency – time available to real time.

The OEE indicator is calculated in two or even three ways, i.e. for a particular machine, device, entire production line or the entire plant. In addition, this coefficient can be found, inter alia, in the department of production management, planning or maintenance.

What is TPM?

In the case of maintenance, an important element is TPM, which is to guarantee maximum efficiency and availability of the plant’s machinery and equipment. In English, Total Productive Maintenance consists in comprehensive (comprehensive) management of maintenance, as well as care for the appropriate, appropriate condition of machines and devices through maintenance, repairs and repairs. What’s more, TPM’s other tasks include inspections, inspections and personnel communication. TPM allows to improve the efficiency of the machine park. Also, when machines and plant equipment are heavily used. This element focuses on better organization of work both on the line of people-people and people-machines (devices), proper training and knowledge of employees, as well as full involvement of personnel in the field of operations and production issues.

The goal of TPM

TPM is mainly responsible for maintaining the life span. There are also three production states, so-called “zeros”, that is:

  • zero accidents;
  • no accidents during work;
  • no wrong defects in production.

Intermediate goals are also important, that is:

  • maintenance development;
  • maximum equipment efficiency;
  • participation of activities;
  • employees’ attendance;
  • TPM popularization through small task groups.
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