Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

A well-functioning warehouse is a necessity for a given company to bring profit. This is because the magazine is its pillar. It is he who delivers products to stores, so the appropriate organization of a production warehouse is extremely important. Only, how to do it? There are five proven ways to make work in the warehouse simpler and more effective.

The order above all

Purchase of suitable machines, shelving systems, etc., contrary to appearances, should not be the first action to be taken while organizing the warehouse. At first, it should simply be cleaned up. Physical order is essential as it allows you to arrange all available tools and objects in the right places.

The storage space should be carefully planned. Sometimes you can meet with the situation when materials are stored directly on the floor. Then, temporary shelves or packamers located outside the storage volume are used.

An uncleaned, chaotic warehouse does not inspire confidence either with customers or with quality inspectors. To prevent this, it should also be clearly defined which areas will be used for storage of materials. Such a production warehouse organization will make the space suitable for further equipment.

Clean, neat warehouses are an absolute foundation. Thanks to this, the whole space is much more functional.

Shelving system

They are necessary for the efficient organization of a production warehouse. Racks are responsible for the safe storage of the goods and you must select them in the right way. The selection criteria will be the type of products stored, the size of the warehouse and the function that it will have to meet.

There are different types of shelves. Shelf racks are the most popular. They are used in warehouses and stores. Their purpose is to store medium heavy and light products. Their advantages include simple assembly and easy operation.

Pallet racks are found in all professional warehouses where pallets are used for storing goods. These shelves allow simple access to pallets, which significantly reduces the time of loading and unloading. They perfectly cooperate with specialist equipment, so they can be successfully mounted on warehouses with a large area.

Cantilever racks are racks designed for heavy tasks. They are usually equipped with warehouses dealing with the sale of construction products. The devices are protected against corrosion, which increases their lifetime and improves the organization of the production warehouse. In addition, they allow free access to loads, without having to move their individual layers.

Offset fields

They accelerate the transport of goods, and at the same time organize work in the entire warehouse. Thanks to the storage fields, the delivered or pending materials have their place. It is also worth noting that a separate place should be a waste segregation zone. This will allow for more efficient storage of packaging, e.g. reusable.

In the same way as above, care should be taken to designate the space for charging battery trucks and places for their parking. In this way, most enterprises function, because it is required by the proper organization of the production warehouse.

Most warehouses consist of these types of modules, and each of them contains its own load field. These modules consist of load blocks that contain designated transport routes. In the storage areas, boxes and pallets are organized. This allows you to see immediately if they are in the right positions. In addition, it is easy to identify any inventory shortages.


Each warehouse contains a large amount of goods. In order for each product to be in the right place, professional equipment should be used. It will facilitate transport and put the goods in the right position and improve the overall organization of the production warehouse.

One of the basic machines is a pallet truck and forklift. They are most often equipped with large warehouses, because they provide the most space for maneuvers. However, the forklift alone is only half the battle. Nevertheless, an experienced employee who will be able to handle it is important.

The most popular trolleys are those with a lifting capacity of 2 tons. Trolleys with a lifting capacity of 3 to 4 tons are a little less popular. Gas trolleys are the most popular among warehouse owners. However, trolleys for diesel and electric are popular. It is also possible to purchase a hand-operated trolley, but rather small warehouses decide to purchase them.

The price range of machines is varied. Here, the size of the entrepreneur’s portfolio will play a large role, but also the requirements it has for the given truck.

Appropriate management

The best equipment and the most-organized warehouse will not function properly when the appropriate staff will not manage it. Warehouse management is the most important factor without which it is impossible to properly organize a production warehouse. It consists of appropriate working conditions, the right number of employees and taking care of keeping delivery deadlines.

Even with meticulous compliance, it is likely that the goods will not reach the customer on time. For this reason, it is worth taking care of the appropriate distribution system. It will enable trouble-free warehouse management and will make it possible to immediately view the condition of the goods – and this saves time. Then you will not have to walk around the warehouse. What’s more, programs of this type have many facilities, such as a invoice booking program.

Design your warehouse in a practical way

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