Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

Below are the new OptiMES version 1.14 that customers have just received.


  • Ability to add attributes to offers
  • Adding the net and gross column in the offer view


  • Automatic rewriting of “Pre” to “left to produce”
  • Adding the field “Issuing order”
  • Export orders to a file

Planning and schedule

  • Harmonogram – Changing the keyboard shortcut for expanding operations in the schedule
  • New possibilities of dynamic scheduling (whole or part)
  • Speed up loading orders schedule

Registration panel

  • Adding the “Order” column in the job download view
  • Improvements in downloading extra work
  • Eliminate the possibility of submitting a double report


  • Changes in the order request report
  • Concentration of subsequent filters based on previous ones
  • Amendments to the chord settlement report
  • Working time account report – adding preview of unfinished operations
  • Adding the column “Issuing order”
  • Dashboard – Adding a staff performance graph
  • Improvements in the report Work plan for production sockets
  • Changes in the work time settlement report


  • Improvements in product passporting
  • Improvements in the picking interface
  • Improvements in automatic raw material storage documents


  • Changing the field name “Document number” to “Index”
  • Ability to include various formats of automatic document numbering
  • Change the date format from “days.day.minutes.seconds” to “hours.minutes.seasons”
  • New module – A document tree showing the links of documents in the whole system, e.g. for product passporting
  • Improvements and new functionalities in the API
  • Performance optimization

Would you like to use one of the new OptiMES features? I invite you to contact.

Have any questions?
Have any questions?

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