Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

It’s possible that by reading this post you will be surprised by my approach:

Accounting tools are not productive from the point of view of production.

For the productivity of employees in the preparation and execution of production, the key is to be able to focus their tasks without mitigating time to get through complicated accounting systems. That is why you need a MES system that allows you to eliminate all the diffusers throughout the chain and to strengthen the building of value for the final customer of the plant.

But what’s the matter? For the realization of a simple rule:

Use the right tool to do the right job

Of course, you can hammer nails, but will not you be more productive using a hammer?

Sometimes I hear from customers something like:

Our accounting system has a module for production management.

Thanks to him, we plan production.

Seemingly the statement is true? Unfortunately, if you think so, then I must disappoint you

Problem 1. Proactive management and prediction on production.

We have been integrating OptiMES with leading accounting systems for years. None of them gives the possibility of proactive production management. Yes, you can book production in pich and draw conclusions from it. So act reactively instead of proactively.

Of course, accounting tools are great at what they do. OptiMES does not, for example, offer invoices or generate PIT for employees. It enables, however, full-scale planning and settlement of the actual production effects, and also the analysis and prediction of risks.

Problem 2. Queuing is not the same as production planning!

There is one more problem in the quote above. Accounting tools do not plan production, they only queue. And what’s the difference? Essential. Queuing is associated with eg FIFO (the first ordered is the first one produced) and creates a straightforward way to strengthen bottlenecks and slow mileage, not to mention the optimization of raw materials, machines, armaments, employee engagement, etc. Production planning does not just give all these things but it allows to flourish, for example, artificial learning algorithms, in order to bring better and better optimizations and savings over time.

In this way, OptiMES tools can be used by proactive bosses and specialists in production. In contrast to those who are more likely to have “tables agree”.

So how should the initial quote from the mouth of the proactive person sound? Oh yes:

Our accounting system allows you to post production effects. We manage the production thanks to a specialized MES class system that allows us to proactively react, for example, to sudden changes in the production plan.

I hope that this short entry convinced you to consciously choose the right tools.

Have any questions?
Have any questions?

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