Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system
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What does RODO mean?

From May 25, 2018 in Poland (as well as in whole Europe), the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection is in force, better known under the abbreviation RODO, or GDPR (ie General Data Protection Regulation). These provisions will replace the existing Polish law on the protection of personal data. What’s more, the RODO includes anyone who processes personal data due to their business activity, advertising industry and the online area.

The RODO is to assume that the data used in online advertising will not be anonymous, and at the same time the new regulations define the procedure for obtaining consent for their storage, as well as for a specific purpose. However, this change is particularly important for companies storing and collecting personal data, that is, both employees and customers. I am talking here not only about small or family businesses, but also large corporations (call centers, insurance companies, banks and the like). However, it is worth mentioning here that the latest EU regulation does not apply only to Poland, but all countries belonging to the European Union. Interestingly, RODO also includes entrepreneurs from outside Europe, whose services are provided to EU citizens.

Regulations include information that may allow the person to be identified, such as: name, surname, e-mail address, IP, cookie files, and even … political views and sexual orientation.

What is the OptiMES program?

The OptiMES system changes the company’s operations. It allows you to control production planning and control in detail, and at the same time allows you to simulate the performance of a production line. Simulations can predict different situations that can affect the production process.

RODO and production management system

Due to the new EU regulation of the RODO, companies that process personal data and systems such as OptiMES face a big challenge. They have to ensure the protection of information, which is extremely difficult, because often the name and surname are given in the e-mail address. This in turn is treated as personal data. So in order to use the production management program, you need to know what duties belong to entrepreneurs.

Well, RODO guarantees people access to their personal data, allows them to correct or delete on demand. These requirements should be met by any production management program. One of them is OptiMES. What’s more, this system meets all the obligations that have been imposed on data processing companies since May 25 this year. Why is it so important? Well, the program has many functions that are more or less related to personal information. Among them, you can find delivery planning, forecasts and simulations, access control, real-time accounting and the like.

Nevertheless, OptiMES also deals with tasks that are closely related to personal data – both employees and customers. These are, for example, RCPs, ie work cards, registration panels, as well as orders and contact with the client (which in particular are set out in the RODO regulations). As you can see, this program has a wide range of functions, which in effect connects with the EU rules of the RODO. Entrepreneurs should also learn about protecting the company from mandatory fines thanks to OptiMES.

How can an IT tool defend a company against financial sanctions?

Referring to the previous part of the text, every entrepreneur should know that a properly prepared program to optimize production can protect the company from financial penalties. Well, one of them is OptiMES, which meets all regulations related to the GDPR, and in addition, properly stores personal data – in accordance with the consent of individual stakeholders.

This system keeps records related, among others, to the processing of personal data (OptiMES constantly updates data in the registry), consents to the said data processing (contains information on both consent and withdrawal), a register of authorizations to process information, access to data, data anonymization, etc. This means that OptiMES is fully compliant with the RODO, and thus protects the company against mandates for non-compliance with the EU Personal Data Protection Act for employees and clients.

In short, the OptiMES production management program properly organizes, sorts and provides access to data and basic information. It actually secures them and records them – both in the case of customer orders and employee cards.

The advantages of the OptiMES intelligent system

It is impossible to hide that the OptiMES system has many advantages. Among them, it is first and foremost necessary to replace the detailed control over planning and production control, as well as the ease of use and the interactive production schedule, which is presented using the Gantt chart. It is worth mentioning that thanks to OptiMES, you can save almost eighty percent of the time devoted to traditional planning.

The said system is not only compliant with the RODO, but it also positively affects the timely execution of all orders and allows you to smoothly manage the production line, at the same time eliminating all tripping, downtime and failures. Thanks to OptiMES, both the warehouse, orders and reports are under control at all times. This program is automatic and very functional, and at the same time allows you to reduce production costs.

So if you or your production company are looking for a system that is not only reliable but also compliant with all EU standards, we invite you to take advantage of OptiMES. As producers of the program to manage and optimize production processes, we are always happy to help our clients – both when choosing the system, during its implementation, and also later. We invite you to talk!

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Have any questions?

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