Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system
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In many manufacturing companies there is an increase in production capacity and continuous improvement. In the end, the side effects are always temporary problems with excess documentation and information flow. Fast growing employment and immature procedures cause confusion.


Erplast sp. Z o. o. Is one of the leading companies in the road infrastructure industry in Poland. It employs about 100 people and dynamically develops, expanding the machine park and implementing new products and services.


At our client, one of the problems was the settlement of working time. It was particularly painful in the area of Ukrainian employees. Not only did they have problems with finding themselves in the Polish reality, but their paper reports of time devoted to tasks were difficult to check. Not to mention controlling the norms of production operations and accounting for raw materials. And let’s remember that employment agencies have to be accounted for for hours of employees, not for the effects of their work.

Unfortunately, the existing ERP system in no way supported the Board in solving this problem. In total, there is nothing to be surprised. ERP systems are great for accounting. The production requires solutions prepared by practitioners with many years of experience and intuition tailored to the needs of a given company. The client’s management was aware of this. As a company with traditions and open to innovation, he saw the need for an APS + MES class system.

Solution and effects

An effective solution to the problems with the settlement of working time in the Erplast sp. Z o. O. Company is the RCP (working time settlement) module OptiMES and simple registration panels. OptiMES works in a web browser, so all you need is simple tablets with proximity card readers closed in metal cases attached to the inputs and outputs.

OptiMES cleverly modified for the production and employees of this particular company saved HR department about 6 hours of work per day. From now on, no documents remained unregistered, and the management staff had a full picture of the situation thanks to RCP reports and reporting panels. This was also significantly facilitated by the settlement with the employment agency.

Now you can clearly see how much time the employee spent on the smoking room, how much on the breakfast break, and how much on the actual work.

Of course, it should be remembered that simply implementing the system will not immediately improve the situation. It is also important to focus employees on changes that are often related to how their supervisors communicate the changes. The implementation process for our client was carried out in such a way that all employees (especially those in the production hall) could be sure that the IT tool streamlines and simplifies their work. They do not have to write out work cards anymore. Now just touch the registration panel card. This results in the involvement of employees and the willingness to change, and this is key to achieving success.


Customers who use the planning and implementation of tasks using the OptiMES registration panels receive not only the automatic settlement of working time and raw materials. OptiMES can also charge piecework pay and efficiency bonuses. Implementation helps streamline and speed up the production process, as well as organize documents related to employees. Many companies on the market see the need to introduce an ERP class system – but they forget that it is not a purely administrative and accounting program. And thanks to OptiMES, you can base your production settlement not only on employee reports, but also on reliable machine data. The smart correlation provided by the system is key.

Do you care about organizing production issues and increasing employee motivation? We invite you to contact the author of the entry.

Author of the entry is

Magdalena Tuńska

Marketing and Partner Manager
+48 537 555 525

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