Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system


“I enter the smoking room at different times, and there are still a few people there. I employ a little over 100 employees and feel that something is not playing here. “

I heard such words yesterday from one of our clients.



As employers, we would like to know how much exactly the breaks of employees cost us and who is where at any given moment. For example, by such a simple statement updated in real time:

Ile osób jest w palarni?

A clipping of the OptiMES manager’s desktop.


Let’s go deeper into the details. I have filtered the report for one employee only. For the purposes of this article, I changed his name and surname to “Jan Kowalski.” “00:34” means zero hours and 34 minutes.


Raport rozliczenia czasu pracy


The employee spent almost 9 hours at the workplace!


Raport rozliczenia czasu pracy ilosc godzin


Workaholic?. But wait a minute … let’s see how much of it …


Raport rozliczenia czasu pracy rzeczywisty czas pracy


Effective working time is 6 hours and 41 minutes. In total, he devoted 2 hours and 7 minutes to the breaks, and the only thing he did the machine that he should handle is the consumption of leasing installments and faculty costs. According to the law, we will pay him almost 9 hours, and he has worked much less effectively.

Is it Mr. Jan’s fault? Possible. However, more often the cause lies in habits and lack of awareness. Yes, lack of awareness of the efficiency and urgency of your own work. Such awareness can be easily built using reporting panels and wallboards (large televisions hung on the hall showing real-time performance of the stands). And hence the simple way for a tool such as OptiMES to automatically calculate employee performance, and bonuses from it :).

Let’s move on. Over 2 hours of actual breaks of one employee are not a lot. Is it really? The client I mentioned in the introduction employs 103 employees. He lost approx. 200 man-hours a day for the excess time of mitsteony by employees in the canteen, smoking room and between operations. That’s about 4,000 hours a month on a plant scale!

Starts resulting from the lack of process optimization and related remuneration are obvious. But what about the delayed delivery dates, low efficiency, etc.? If we were to optimize these processes, we would be able to offer even shorter lead times to customers, and this is a significant competitive advantage in today’s world.

Fortunately, the problem was solved already in the first months of the implementation of OptiMES.

And what would you achieve with 4,000,000 hours more? Share your ideas in the comments with us :).

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Have any questions?

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