Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

Scada system, software for developing companies!

Scada system is already a concept functioning in most manufacturing companies, but for those who are just beginning to bite into the subject, this issue may seem difficult to understand. At this point we want to dispel all doubts – SCADA, systems although at first glance they seem to be complicated, in practice they are an undeniable facilitation in the management of production and business. Below we present arguments confirming our opinion, accompanied by an explanation of the most important terms, benefits resulting from the use, and even tips, how to choose the best system for you.

System SCADA – what is it used for?

To make the term SCADA as clear as possible, it is worth to realize that in principle we all, to a greater or lesser degree, have to do with elements of such systems. It all starts with the need for communication at the human-machine level, and so on, e.g. when withdrawing money from an ATM or making purchases at a self-service cash register, we use screens or touch panels, which are part of a larger system and allow for communication with it. In the case of machines or production lines, their manufacturers most often equip them with such panels – or more precisely, human-machine interfaces (HMI, or Human Machine Interface), in order to enter data and collect information on production. HMI panels are characterized by the fact that they allow information to be displayed only near the machine, so it can be said that they have a local, rather limited range.

It is most often here, in manufacturing companies, where several machines are handled, e.g. scattered across several production halls and warehouses, that there is a need to collect all the information in one place. And with the solution to this problem comes SCADA.

SCADA it is IT system that supervises the production process. It is therefore appropriate to assume that SCADA takes precedence over the equipment. How does it work? Controllers (usually PLCs) are connected directly to the production line devices (pumps, valves, sensors) and collect data from the whole facility and perform automated control and regulation activities. The data is then transferred to the company’s computer system and archived and processed. Based on the collected data, you can easily view the production process, analyze accurate daily, monthly and even annual reports. All information is gathered in one place and is available immediately after selecting the appropriate settings.

The tasks performed by the SCADA system:

– Information processing.
– Data exchange with drivers and modules.
– Providing information on the screen in a form suitable for humans.
– Organizing the database with technological information – all in real time.
– Signalling problems in the system – alarm management.
– Generating reports on the technological process.
– Data archiving.

It should be noted that all processes take place in real time, and the collected and shared data also apply to real time.

What are the benefits of implementing SCADA?

The benefits of implementing the SCADA system are so broad that they can be divided into several planes:

The benefits of improving the service of the production line – the introduction of the SCADA system is a significant simplification of working conditions for people supervising the production line. Based on the data collected by the system, which should be simple and legible, you can make decisions faster, give guidance to line operators and eliminate mistakes.

The benefits of full machine control SCADA system can successfully be the only tool to control the production process, which means that in one place and easily accessible, all information about the production process is available, so in practice it is easier to streamline this production. The system allows for immediate reaction to information coming from the production line – possible failures or elimination of errors. What’s more, production can be managed from a single, comfortable place with an easy interface.

Benefits of advanced reporting – a properly designed SCADA system allows access to historical data and create multifaceted reports, whose proper use can be the basis for improving production, creating business plans, building a competitive advantage of the company.

economic benefits – entrepreneurs profit from the mere costs of SCADA systems, which today are much more affordable than a few years ago. In a broader perspective, however, production facilities using the SCADA system confirm its helpful role in achieving higher financial results. The data from all the devices, collected in one place and easily accessible, are accessible for analysis, from which one can quickly draw conclusions about production planning or eliminating unnecessary downtime.

What does it mean that the company needs a SCADA system?

With the above mentioned benefits of the SCADA system, one can safely conclude that every manufacturing company needs such support that operates directly at the production line, but in practice it is a great tool for analysis that will help shape the objectives and activities of the entire company.

SCADA is a solution for every company that strives to:

– improve work on the production line;
– reduce the number of failures;
– eliminate human errors from the production process;
– speed up the decision-making process during production;
– produce more products in a shorter time;
– reduce the need to hire new employees.

More comprehensively: every entrepreneur who wants to consciously manage production, including monitoring machine parameters, collecting and archiving production data with unlimited access to information in real time, acquiring production reports, after controlling the efficiency and quality of the work of the employed team. He should consider not whether to invest in the SCADA system, but at once which system to choose.

How to choose the SCADA system suitable for your company?

There are so many possibilities that to make the right choice it is worthwhile to take a moment to analyze the needs and expectations, including your own employees, and then select the best option for yourself.

The basic element verifying the system should be the functionalities that will be useful in case of a specific production. We recommend that you ask yourself simple questions – what you expect from SCADA application and what goals you want to achieve with its help. It is also worth to plan the costs of system implementation, take care to provide technical support and appropriate training for employees, as well as secure the possibility of integrating the SCADA system with systems operating in the company or specifically on production lines. These are just a few of the elements you should pay attention to. Starting from the simplest assumptions, with the help of specialists, preferably with experience in implementing systems in manufacturing companies with a similar scope of production, we are on the easiest way to flawless selection and implementation of such a SCADA system, which will allow us to quickly begin to feel the effects of professional management of technological processes.

How does the SCADA system look like?

This is a very individual issue, so we will describe it briefly on the example of our company and our system. It all starts with a contact that can be direct or with implementation calculator. If you require functions that are already standardized in our offer, you only need to indicate them and an experienced specialist will take over the contact and advice on the subject. However, in the situation when the production in the company is more complicated and expectations are connected with individual functions, we are ready to create dedicated solutions, tailored to the specific production. We took care of creating applications and integration with the most popular systems, we also do integrations with systems, with which customers already work. We secure data storage in a secure cloud, or according to the customer’s wishes we can run the system on its own server.  

The above are just a few of the elements raised during the preparation and implementation of the production technology management system. In all aspects we show great flexibility and willingness to create solutions or adapt them ready to work as best as possible for a specific business. The quickest way to choose the functions for yourself is to establish contact with specialists who will advise you on the best solutions. What’s more, our system can be tested for free, so we invite you to check the benefits for your company.

There is a possibility to learn even more about the features of the SCADA system available in the OptiMES please contact the company’s specialists by calling +48 517 827 436. Choosing our offer you can count on specialist knowledge, efficient implementation and competitive rates. Feel free to contact us.


Automatic production control systems are an indispensable part of professional factories today. In this context, equipping your company with a SCADA system is an absolutely necessary step in your company’s development. On the positive side, modern systems are so well adapted to the requirements of individual companies that it is not difficult to find the right one for a particular company. However, it is worthwhile to pay more attention to the choice of system suitable for your production, the best way to test a few solutions, check the range of benefits and functions to choose those that will actually be useful.

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Have any questions?

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