Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system
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Warehouse system – what is it used for?
“>We discuss the next tools, which are more and more often the basic element supporting the dynamic and effective operation of companies – we must not forget that the profit of manufacturing companies, but also commercial companies, depends on the broadly understood functioning of material management and the warehouse area itself. After all, a warehouse is a kind of base for any manufacturing company, so it is not surprising that the importance of the efficient work of warehouse and logistics departments is attached to it. For this reason, almost every company, whether commercial, manufacturing or logistic, currently uses software to keep records in a warehouse.
WMS system
More specifically: The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a programme for the management of products in storage. Very often and with great success it is used in logistics, because here we most often have to deal with large warehouses, in which in addition there are products and materials owned by different owners and for different purposes. Therefore, the popularity of this tool is constantly growing, because the modern warehouse system is a huge improvement in the coordination of warehouse work. We can safely say that WMS facilitates the work of everyone:
To business owners and managers, because it allows them to view current stock levels in the warehouse, allows them to generate reports and facilitates the planning of purchases.
Logistic operators and service providers, who shoulder the responsibility to handle a large number of diversified shipments from multiple senders, in addition to a large number of recipients.
Warehouse workers, because access to information about the status and exact location of specific products or materials above all speeds up their work.
The basic value of the WMS is efficient data exchange
A huge problem with modern warehouses is the low level of information flow, which usually negatively affects the operation of the whole facility and even complicates the work of production dependent on the warehouse. Efficient data exchange is also important for the daily work, and all this requires uniform standards of information transmission.
What possibilities does the WMS offer in this respect? The overriding goal of a warehouse IT system is a good organization of cooperation between all participants in the process of product storage – producer, distributor and retail customer. Thanks to modern technology, logistics has gained an effective technical tool, including attractive system applications, thanks to which information on the status of goods, or the need to place an order and introduce goods to the warehouse is updated on an ongoing basis, so it always reflects the current state of the warehouse. Such a system also enables fast and efficient release and retrieval of goods, as well as handling of files of goods and packaging codes.
Warehouse systems are mobile terminals, multiple shipping addresses and cooperation with suppliers
Warehouse systems can handle any number of operators and mobile terminals and can handle multiple shipping addresses perfectly. Thus, it is able to handle many warehouses. Other values that the WMS application brings are:
Thanks to it we can accept and deliver goods after the lot number.
It has the ability to locate the warehouse and remotely lock the location.
Thanks to it, the inventory runs through the assortment, group and batch.
Enables easy printing of labels for the assortment as well as advanced barcode handling.
The system operates independently, does not require integration with the parent system.
Supports mobile and stationary printers for label printing.
It significantly improves accounting, giving you the ability to create revenue and expense documents.
Enables you to optimize your stock levels, including through automated ordering from suppliers.
Gives you the ability to set stock thresholds, from minimum, through safe to maximum.
WMS storage system – why is it worth it?
The storage system offers many important advantages. Thanks to its functioning, warehouse operations are improved in an optimal way, and the capabilities of the team of employees are used equally effectively. Warehouse management is not easy and gives rise to many potential errors that the warehouse system can help eliminate. Warehouse workers and logistics services badly need to improve their work planning and the system is able to provide them with it.
It has the advantage of reducing the time it takes to take orders and process them, improving control and verification of stock levels by using marking, coding and labelling of goods and packaging. Time is a value that cannot be overestimated. In logistics operations, it’s always about reducing it and making maximum use of it, and an efficient warehouse system can do that.
On the other hand, the customer will certainly appreciate a faster and more efficient warehouse service. Nobody likes the excess of paper bureaucracy, so it is important to reduce the number of documents in circulation. The warehouse system also gives a lot to the employees themselves, because thanks to it the organization of warehouse space is much better. From the employer’s point of view, its great advantage is the ability to control the efficiency of warehouse workers. When planning orders, the system provides ready-made statistical analyses.
Work with the WMS from OptiMES!
We can honestly advise you on choosing the best solutions after analyzing your business processes and identifying the causes of possible problems.
Our specialty is the automation of production processes and we are in the software business. We have at our disposal not only a team of experienced and competent specialists, but also take care of continuous development of their knowledge and capabilities. We respect the trust placed in us and care about the safety of the information entrusted to us.
One of the basic functions of our proprietary production management system is the WMS Warehouse Management System. Sophisticated down to the last detail is the best solution if you need an intuitive and effective tool to work in even the largest warehouse. As part of our product, we give entrepreneurs all the best – an extensive database of products and materials, a flexible warehouse with categories to define individually, improvement for warehouse employees – mobile terminals and bar codes, automatic warehouse documents that will not be stacked in the back office, convenient notifications and alarms, as well as intelligent solutions guarding minimum and maximum levels of inventory. All this and more is also available for free testing.
We encourage you to contact Syneo.pl – take advantage of our knowledge and services. You can easily communicate with us by calling 517 827 436 . We will also respond to any email sent to biuro@syneo.pl.
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