Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

The Pareto principle in a production company

The Pareto principle and its use in a production company. Is it possible to change only a few key factors so that the overall production efficiency in the enterprise is dramatically improved? There are many theoretical premises, but also empirical evidence that it is indeed feasible. It is enough to achieve the Pareto principle observed […]

Voip24sklep new business partner!

We are pleased to inform you about establishing cooperation with VOIP24SKLEP.PL Sp.z o.o. This company is a perfect example of the fact that business is the people who create it. Those who work there have many years of experience, are experts in their fields and always try to best advise – this is evidenced by […]

TPM, or what every company needs – a word about prevention.

Preventive maintenance in practice Many technical departments in Polish enterprises still operate on the reactive way of managing failures, that is, instead of preventing them, they limit themselves to fighting fires. Prevention in many companies is overlooked because it is associated with high financial outlays resulting from the exchange of “still good” consumables and the […]

Integration with the Subiekt GT system

The Subiekt GT system is not enough …   Last year, Mr Tomasz, the managing director of a company producing injection molds, contacted us. At the moment when he applied to us, his company employed 97 people. After just a few minutes of talking, we knew what problem Mr. Tomasz reported. For some time the […]

SCADA system – what is it?

Scada system, software for developing companies! Scada system is already a concept functioning in most manufacturing companies, but for those who are just beginning to bite into the subject, this issue may seem difficult to understand. At this point we want to dispel all doubts – SCADA, systems although at first glance they seem to […]