Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

It is impossible to take up this subject without developing the concept of Factory Production Control. ZKP, also operates under such an abbreviation, is an internal control of production, which should permanently operate in production plants and be systematically documented. Moreover, such control also requires the conformity of production with the technical specifications specific to specific products. Why all this? Factory Production Control assumes the basic role of providing consumers that a given manufacturer will manufacture products that comply with technical specifications and are always faithful to the assumptions related to safety for health and life of people. ZKP applies to all producers of building materials, and legal regulations on this subject have been in force since 2004. Each production enterprise should independently take care of the implementation and application of FPCs – as any system affecting the functioning of the company, it should be primarily effective and facilitate the ongoing operation of the company.

Factory Production Control – requirements

The FPC’s requirements are quite detailed and affect several levels of the production company’s operation. This fact already shows how complex the issue is such a system, and allows you to imagine how much commitment and specialist knowledge is needed to effectively implement it and use it more effectively.

In the field of production operation control, the Factory Production Control system should define broadly understood professional relations of the staff – more specifically, it refers to the rights, scope of responsibility and mutual dependencies between persons who are responsible for the product’s compliance with the adopted assumptions. In this context, all employees are important, from the managerial staff, by persons who verify the quality of products, to employees who operate the production line. The requirement of the Factory Production Control system for the company is also to determine the procedures related to the operation of FPC, so that the conformity of the product can be efficiently verified at every stage of production. Other, but important issues that need to be defined for the purpose of the FPC action are the rules concerning, among others: training of personnel whose work affects quality; record keeping and control; complaint handling procedures; strategy for possible actions to remedy identified nonconformities.

The second area of requirements applies to documentation, the content of which is strictly defined by law, and the supervision of such documentation should be exercised by a dedicated person with appropriate rights and competences. The producer is obliged to update the list of documents and their entries on an ongoing basis.

The FPC documentation should contain (and at least) the following documents:

– ZKP book, explaining the scope of factory production control;

– technical specifications, for all products and raw materials, materials and end products used and produced during the production process;

– instructions and procedures for these activities: production supervision, tests showing compliance of the product with the requirements, inspection of equipment for testing the product, conformity assessment of the product (results of tests), handling the product not in accordance with the requirements, procedure for handling complaints, taking preventive or corrective actions;

– information documents, such as: regulations, organization chart or technical documentation.

Factory Production Control and ISO 9001

A frequent question asked by participants in the construction industry is whether ZKP and ISO 9001 are identical. We are in a hurry with the answer – although they have many common areas, the implementation of one system does not eliminate the need to implement another one.

It is true that the assumptions of ISO 9001, like ZKP, are aimed at creating and maintaining high quality of manufactured products. Its assumptions also concern specific requirements for completed documents and how to regulate the work of all participants in the organization. And also the implementation of ISO 9001 brings many benefits to the company, such as its credibility, ordering production processes and more, building a framework and operating framework. However, the key difference between the two systems is that ISO 9001 is voluntary, while Factory Production Control is a compulsory element that must necessarily function in any company involved in the production of construction products.

ZKP focuses on fulfilling the obligations on the quality and properties of the products concerned, but with particular emphasis on the impact on human health and life.

The relationship of ZKP and ISO 9001 is shaped as follows – the implementation of both systems is demanding, even though ZKP is more difficult. However, if the company already has ISO 9001 in place, then the implementation of FPC can use several already applied solutions and procedures, and thus significantly reduce the complexity of the entire implementation process of FPC.

ZKP is not only an obligation – benefits for producers

Everything that is obligatory is usually associated with an unpleasant necessity, imposing unnecessary tasks on the obligated person. In the case of Factory Production Control, you actually need to put in a lot of work and commitment to its proper implementation and adherence, but all these activities are worthwhile because they bring production and the whole enterprise a lot of good, namely:

    • Improving work safety, which is the result of a lot of pressure from ZKP on the principles related to health and safety.
    • Reduction in the number of unplanned downtime because greater occupational safety means fewer accidents at work and less unplanned stops of production lines.
    • Reduction of product defects.
    • A drop in the number of complaints, because eliminating defective products means greater customer satisfaction and less complaints to service.
  • Image brand – ZKP certificate is proof of a serious approach to business and attention to the organization of production and the quality of products.

We are convinced that Factory Production Control improves work. Where does this belief come from? The Syneo.pl team has been dealing with implementations in the field of production management software for many years. Every day we observe how automation and control of repeatable processes during production affect the organization of the work itself and the increase in the quality of final products. Best of all, the consequence of these implementations is not only to improve the conditions and effects of work, but above all to increase production efficiency, which translates into an increase in the company’s revenue.

We recommend contacting our specialists or a free test of OptiMES production management software.

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