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Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system
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The constantly changing labor market means that universities increasingly improve their educational offer, often creating completely new fields of study. It has become clear that in order to have a guarantee of employment after a few years of study, it is worth choosing the directions that provide a wide range of knowledge and possibilities. One of such interdisciplinary majors is Management and production engineering.

Production management and engineering – basic information

This relatively young but currently extremely popular field of study is designed to combine knowledge from many fields, so that the graduate can find himself in the changing labor market.

Generally speaking, management and production engineering is a managerial direction, which additionally combines knowledge in the field of law, economics, production organization and allows obtaining the necessary technical qualifications that should be held by every mechanical engineer.

The studies consist of two stages. The first is the completion of the first degree, after which the engineering title is obtained. This stage lasts an average of 7 semesters, or 3.5 years. After finishing it, it is possible to take a second-degree program, after which the master’s degree is obtained. In this case, learning lasts about 3 semesters, or 1.5 years.

What knowledge does the graduate have after graduation?

Problems in the labor market and unemployment among university graduates (especially in the humanities) have caused that young people are now looking at their studies as a course which can raise their qualifications. It is important for them not to what title they will have, but what they will be able to learn over the next few years and whether this knowledge will help them find a job.

This approach makes interdisciplinary directions like Management and production engineering very popular. They combine knowledge from several fields, thanks to which a graduate has not only large employment opportunities, but also has many practical skills.

After a few years of study in the field of Management and production engineering, the graduate gains knowledge in the field of:

  • managerial skills and solving issues in a specific field of production engineering
  • designing and supervising production and expatiation processes and systems
  • supervision of facilities and management systems
  • training and recruitment of personnel
  • managing costs and finances
  • business management
  • management of production processes in a selected field – production engineering
  • organizing and managing staff and coordinating the work of employee teams
  • knowledge of law and protection of intellectual property

In addition, each graduate after graduating will be able to certify his ability to use a foreign language at the B2 level of the European System of Language Description. Each university offers learning different foreign languages, however the most common are English and German.

It is also worth adding here that many universities offer their students the opportunity to go abroad and practice, which allows not only to improve their language skills, but also creates great opportunities to learn about how foreign companies operate. This has allowed more than one graduate to implement truly innovative solutions on the Polish market.

Management and production engineering – what about this field of study?

As it has been mentioned before, young people before choosing a study want to know what knowledge can be offered to them in which direction and in what fields they can be used.

Production management and engineering is an extremely interesting direction that gives a very large range of opportunities to work after graduation.

Selected positions and possibilities in which a graduate in Management and Production Engineering will find a place are:

  1. Engineer for quality assurance – many small and large enterprises are looking for specialists who will care for the quality of the manufactured product and will manage production in such a way as to reduce the risk of losses resulting from the creation of improper products. The tasks in this position also include the control of machines and devices
  2. Production management engineer – no company can exist without this person. A good specialist in this position provides the most optimal work and production, thanks to which the productivity, and thus the company’s income, is significantly increased. In addition, the graduate of studies has knowledge and management skills to ensure that production meets all environmental standards.
  3. Specialist for production planning and control – a very similar position to the one described above, with the difference that the tasks in this position include planning from the beginning to the end of the production process. It is a responsible position, but companies are able to offer a very good salary for qualified specialists.
  4. Employer of administrative institutions – due to the very good knowledge of law and regulations in the field of production and running own business, the graduate has the opportunity to work in state offices dealing with consultancy or audits of business owners.
  5. Worker of research and development centers – after graduating from the second degree, the graduate has the opportunity to stay at the home university in order to conduct scientific work, however there are still many research and development institutions that deal with the implementation of new technologies and solutions that could improve the process production. It is a very ambitious career for the most talented graduates.
  6. An employee of consultancy companies in the field of production engineering – in this position, the graduate is responsible for advising and helping enterprises to optimize production processes in their company and to ensure that they do not endanger the environment

Each graduate also has the opportunity to go abroad, where the demand for such specialists is still growing.

Many opportunities and areas of industry in which you can find employment after completing the field of Management and production engineering, make it a very interesting proposition for current high school graduates.

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