Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

CRM system for production

What would a production company be without customers? Building good relationships with clients is the basis that OptiMES will help you take care of! Our CRM for production will support you at all stages related to customer service . Starting from the first business contacts and offers, through orders and orders, to the settlement of production.
With this help you will create consistent customer service standards, you will not miss any arrangements and deadlines. All data will always be in the same place , i.e. in our reliable system. You gain even more, because if necessary, you will quickly start and ntegrate the CRM system with popular accounting and store systems .
See for yourself how simple and necessary it is.

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The system gives you an advantage - customers and contracts, all in one place

With OptiMES, you will build relationships with clients based on reliable manufacturing and sales information. With comprehensive data, you’ll meet deadlines and answer all your questions. Thanks to CRM for production you can do more – eg at any time check the process through which the finished product passed. By keeping the database of contracts and clients,
you keep control over what and how your company represents.

Offers, quotes, calculations - faster and more accurate than ever

Thanks to the fact that OptiMES secures permanent access to data about the parameters of the production process, raw materials costs, man hours, margins and discounts – prices will be counted with one click. You save your time and at the same time provide customers with a perfect level of service,
because at the offer stage you can simulate the delivery date of the finished product. If that was not enough, all files are collected automatically in the electronic document flow, so that you can use what you need at any time right away. Without a pile of papers and absorbing the time to look, to find something.
This functionality is another way to gain control over what is happening in your company. If you want, the seller’s offer may be accepted by the superior before sending to the customer. And finally the best – transferring data from the offer to the order is just one click.

The next step to a better job - Orders and orders

You will quickly appreciate the freedom to choose the best way of working for you when creating orders and orders. You place orders with OptiMES yourself or you get them directly from the accounting system thanks to integration. You plan them in person with all the details, or you allow the system to automatically plan your entire order basket.
Thanks to these options, as well as the ability to track the progress of the contract, you can be sure that you give the customer the dates you meet. If there is a sudden threat to timely execution of the order, our system will alert you in advance. You also have an electronic flow of documents all the time,
So you keep order and protect the company from the negative effects of rotation.

Settlement of offers and orders - with OptiMES everything goes well

Our CRM system simplifies matters related to managing financial issues to the maximum. From now on the actual costs and profits will be checked at any time during the selected order. If you need it, you can also look at things from a wider perspective – the entire contract, year, month or product.
Such an option is the ability to quickly diagnose the weaknesses and strengths of financial flows. When you have full knowledge, you act dynamically and more effectively!

Integrations with accounting systems and online stores

You enter the data only once. The rest is done by OptiMES – it transfers real-time data from your accounting system or online store. Are you expecting more? You can start automatic order planning. This eliminates the risk of error, secures the immediate flow of data and focuses only on your work.

Document workflow and attachments, saving time and perfect order

CRM for production is the real solution to problems and the certainty that all information goes to the right time, where it should be. Thanks to this functionality, offers, orders, orders and other related files will be generated and stored in one consistent and secure system.
The right technical drawings and instructions will go directly to the registration panel. Production workers see exactly what they should in the right version. No more nerves and great document searches, no more printing the same job several times!

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