Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

MES - realization, control and settlement of production

A modern production company is a company with a comprehensive non-conformist system for production management and planning, and the MES system is equally important as good production machines and qualified staff. Professional production planning , in equal measure as well as its efficient implementation, is key to the company’s operations and earnings . Therefore, OptiMES combines everything , which facilitates the flow of production processes and increases their efficiency.

Examples? Thanks to the registration panels, OptiMES not only delegates tasks to employees, but also settles raw materials and work time, creates automatic warehouse documents, improves picking, loading, and many more.

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You gain an operational plan and ordering plan with progress visualization

It is a tool that changes the approach to production work. Scheduled work and progress of production processes can be tracked in real time, on a detailed operational plan. You need a wider perspective – you switch to the ordering plan. An operational plan is also a place where you immediately see bottlenecks and potential risks. You have time to react because the plan is very easy to change. Simply drag items with the mouse to: a different position, another time, or using an automatic reallocation, e.g. order priorities or delivery times to the customer. Simple, problem-free, effective.

Registration panel that allows you to work faster and more efficiently

You will break with a vague division of labor, communication problems, paper reports. OptiMES will automatically distribute work between employees and positions. The employee logs in via PIN or proximity card (RFID) and that’s enough for him to know what to do – he sees the list of his work and deadlines for their implementation. Reports for itself, or for the entire brigade, production progress, downtime, breakdowns, parties, breaks and other events. He takes up tasks and gives them away, and you automatically get the settlement of working time, raw materials and tools. However, quality control is automatically notified about new items to be processed.

Reporting plan part 2

The panel provides the employee with information comprehensively. It would take forever to transmit so many messages verbally or in writing. Thanks to OptiMES, everything that is important during production, ie drawings, files, machine parameters, tools, technology, raw materials, etc., is always delivered to the employee on time and in an impeccable form.

What’s more, the MES system protects picking, loading and forwarding and easily integrates with any barcode reader. Through the registration panel, your employees will print self-adhesive labels and make changes. They can create automatic warehouse documents. In this way, you eliminate understatements, save time that would be needed to provide arrangements between employees and organization of document flow in paper form. The system will also work as a tool for transferring orders and tracking the progress of cooperation.

Convenience and reliability of data - Barcode work cards

You choose the form of work that gives you the greatest comfort. With the MES system, you do production by printing paper work cards instead of using the registration panel. Or you combine both. Printed job cards contain all the necessary information about raw materials, technologies, tools, position / machine configuration, times, dates, etc. and bar codes of activities. It is thanks to this that you save time on production reporting – instead of looking for an order in the system, the employee only scans the bar code of the operation.

MesTV - a visualization that motivates

We have checked for you what to do to effectively give employees the will to work. A common, real and timely goal will motivate brigades and individual employees – they just need to be aware of it. Therefore, hang a large TV in the hall so that everyone can see the dates of orders. It works!

Perfect quality control

Thanks to OptiMES, the controllers get automatic notifications about new pieces or batches of products to be inspected. The results of the audit translate into the action plan of a specific employee who, for example, gets a job to correct faulty items or an additional zero deficit bonus in a given month. With one click, you print missing tabs and modify dictionaries, e.g. bounce reasons. You can also put files, photos, drawings etc. in the system very efficiently, from any measuring device or smartphone taking photos.

Full traceability

Thanks to the registration panels or paper orders, you keep full tracebility (traceability, genealogy) of finished products and semi-finished products. This ensures compliance with standards and certificates (such as ISO 90001), and in addition ensures that you produce products of impeccable quality.

Calculation of wages and settlement of working time

OptiMES works the way you want it, so set the rules. On their basis, the system will charge piecework pay and efficiency bonuses. Everything automatically, faultlessly and in relation to the specific achievements of employees.

Check and correct the norms

All you have to do is run existing norms in OptiMES, or let the system collect them yourself from production. Thanks to this, you can see how they are implemented and if necessary, you can correct them. Collecting valuable data is simple and thanks to them you can easily compare brigades and employees with each other. What’s more, from now on determining the standards for new products will also be much more efficient, because it is automated.

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