Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

APS system for production planning

Production planning is a task that in practice turns out to be much more difficult than it seems. The more so because things like to complicate themselves and, for example, when everything is doped with the last button, and the production works like a perfectly oiled machine – an urgent order or a failure occurs.
What in this situation? The necessity of sudden production overhaul can be a dream. Act differently! With the support of OptiMES and the artificial intelligence algorithms used in it, you can cope with the everyday challenges of modern production. Our proposal is a simple but comprehensive solution
and flexible. OptiMES can plan production , manage your employees, reorganize your work and alert you if you’re in a risk . All in a few seconds and without any involvement on your part. Check the details of the solutions,
which have been actively helping production companies for years to cope with increasing wage pressure and constant shortening of deadlines.

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Plan each type of production

In any form – graphic or automatically, you will prepare any type of production: from sequential, linear (stream), unitary (prototype, design), small lot, serial, mass, and even assembly, design and construction works, as well as service work (e.g. maintenance and storage).
This functionality ensures quick and effective operation in the event of emergencies that could affect the quality of products or timeliness of production. With the APS module in the OptiMES system, production reorganization is just two clicks or a mouse-click of what you need on an interactive schedule.
OptiMES takes into account dozens of variables and exceptions: appointments, people, brigades, configuration of changes, raw materials, conversion, tool availability, job performance, technologies, standards, holidays, etc. Moreover, it enables the automatic planning and reallocation from the shopping basket or derive data directly from accounting system.
Everything on time, flawlessly and without stress.

You will effectively optimize bottlenecks and material flows

Bottlenecks appear in both manual and automatic planning. Thanks to the APS system you gain access to effective tools in the form of intuitive visualization and an early warning system – it is thanks to them that you will solve the problems before they become a problem. OptMES will give you a new look at production,
You will see any problems in advance and you will have time to plan and reorganize, for example, machine occupancy, demand for raw materials and employees, service work (maintenance or storage).

You will be able to visualize in real time

Every business works better when it is well guarded. In the case of production, it is very important! You observe the progress and settlement of production with the APS system in real time. You can use the data the way you like it and on any device – in the form of a text report, an interactive schedule, an automated e-mail report,
on a computer, tablet or phone. For full convenience, you can even set up notifications so that they reach you only for specific situations. However, in case of any need, you can enter detailed reports at any time to analyze details or simply to review an easy summary.
Managing a company is easier when you receive data on the raw materials settlement, working time, profits from a specific order or the entire contract, and even cooperation with a given customer.

What-If simulations

Imagine that the risk of decisions related to production is reduced to a minimum. How is it? Intelligent APS algorithms will simulate all the cases you are interested in. From here, answers to questions like: What would happen if I bought a new machine, hired more people or someone dismissed? What if we change the order in which orders are processed,
Is there enough resources and hours of employees? A few mouse clicks and all uncertainties will be explained by hard data prepared by a reliable system.

Technology templates (routes, processes), operations and norms

Another activity that will save you hours of employees! It is a waste of time to manually create routes and BOMs for each order. With OptiMES and the ability to create templates, you gain an automatic tool that always ensures compliance with the standards and changeover matrix. The whole is easier and more pleasant to use,
that you manage everything with an editor that allows you to share, merge and duplicate assumptions and templates. What do you gain? You will build BOMs and technologies of the finished product from semi-finished products, maintaining a professional circulation of production documents from the order to the registration panel. You will be in compliance with ISO 900 certification,
1 by collecting the documentation electronically or in the form of printouts.

Material (raw material) and human (labor force) demand

Not only does the APS system in OptiMES always remember about the minimum stock levels of raw materials, materials and semi-finished products, it also understands the configuration of employee changes and brigades, as well as the matrix of rights. Thanks to this, planning the demand for raw materials and people for any period of time is simple and stress free. For this unlimited access to data, updated in real time – that’s all you need for convenient control and planning of efficient production.

Cooperation, subcontractors

The decision on new cooperation requires long analyzes and considerable responsibility? With OptiMES, decisions take on new value and are one of the most pleasant elements of work. The APS system will allow you to quickly check whether it pays to place the order in cooperation. If you decide to do so in the APS module, you can also plan the subcontractor’s work, provide him with a registration panel and track progress in real time. The entire process of picking, loading and possible forwarding will be carried out in a few minutes, and you will print the necessary warehouse documents with one click. Have you just got a phone call that the subcontractor will be late? It takes just a few seconds to check how it will affect other orders. You can spend the rest of your time on activities that will increase profits from production.


Control over stock levels is the basis for customer orders. Be effective and stable – with OptMES it’s easy. Thanks to proper planning and forecasting, you will be a reliable business partner. The APS system makes sure that the warehouse and cash flow are not overloaded with what is safe.

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