Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

Warehouse management system

Warehouse management is a demanding task. The more so because the functioning of other departments of the enterprise depends very often on the level of its implementation. Introducing the WMS system ,
thanks to which you organize and easily maintain order in the warehouse – and we mean all the levels of its operation. With OptiMES working in a warehouse, you will maintain full security and compliance with ISO 9001 . We took care of everything that can facilitate the work of you and the entire crew,
that’s why you get integrated software with the most popular accounting systems that will sync up to date.

Scroll down below and get to know all the functionalities WMS System from OptiMES.

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A database of products, semi-finished products, raw materials and materials

A database of products, semi-finished products, raw materials and materials

Flexible and flexible warehouses and warehouse categories

You can freely define or automatically synchronize warehouses and warehouse categories. Each of the magazines may even have another contractor issuing the document and connect to the schedule in their own way. You organize everything in such a way that the availability of information speeds up the work and facilitates the operation of not only the magazine itself,
but also production.

Barcodes and mobile terminals

You gain modern tools to organize the work of the warehouse crew and allow you to eliminate errors resulting from the human factor. All well counted, both when receiving and issuing goods. How it’s working? You can use barcodes, QRCodes or RFID tags.
Thanks to the cloud, the reader can be connected to OptiMES like an ordinary keyboard – without unnecessary costs and exaggerated requirements. You will quickly and efficiently accept and spend raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. All this thanks to integration with barcode readers, mobile terminals or data collectors.

Automatic warehouse documents

With the WMS system, you turn on automatic warehouse documents so that the finished product is accepted into the warehouse even without unnecessary clicking. You will save time on receptions, editions, completions and loads, all thanks to well-prepared technologies and raw material compositions (BOM).

Maintaining safe inventory

The WMS system monitors the minimum and maximum inventory levels for you. It includes them in the raw materials demand report. Thanks to this, you will maintain optimal warehouse stocks – enough to be able to safely produce, but also not to freeze too much money in raw materials and finished products. The best thing is
that OptiMES takes your responsibilities off you and at the same time allows you to perform the warehouse tasks flawlessly.

Notifications and alarms

Another functionality is like saving and securing the continuity of production – OptiMES will notify you when the condition of the product in the warehouse drops below the minimum level. What’s more, the notification even includes information on how much raw material should be ordered for production. If you want to have constant control over everything,
you can be alarmed even about issuing each warehouse document, as well as various types of shortages and shortages. Current information is available to you anytime, anywhere.

Any types of documents

You will adapt WMS software ideally to your needs, especially with regard to individual document requirements – if the standard is not enough, you can easily define any types of documents. Thanks to this, you can reflect any company processes. If that was not enough,
OptiMES will connect to any accounting system and ensure smooth data flow.

FIFO queues, LIFO ... or full passportization (tracebility, genealogy)

You can follow the path of each screw, track production batches – from delivery through production to external release and maintain compliance with the most stringent certificates. You can also use regular warehouse queues like FIFO. Quick and easy.

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