Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system

RCP system (online work time monitoring)

Human resources are one of the strongest pillars of Polish enterprises, so in times when we need to take particular care of our employees, we recommend the RCP system, one of the software modules for the production of OptiMES . It’s worth it, because you’ll use it three times. You will facilitate the work of your people because they will receive specific information about the assigned tasks and their scope. You will gain a valuable tool to to motivate your staff. You will provide a reliable settlement of working time and raw materials .
OptiMES protects your interests and facilitates working out comfortable conditions for employees. What’s more, it can be freely integrated with any input and output system – such as Roger . Take advantage of proven solutions that have been working sensational in hundreds of manufacturing companies for years. We chose the best!

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Work cards

You gain reliable communication tools – registration panels or printed job cards. It is through them that you will separate the work and motivate employees. Wondering how the division of labor can motivate? Clear appointments help to avoid conflicts of competence and leave no room for doubt as to the scope of tasks to be performed. The information is consistent and reliable because you will store and store it in the comprehensive OptiMES system and its RCP module available online. The employee will receive instructions and drawings in the right version and in an orderly manner, it is a great basis for efficient work. You will also quickly appreciate the efficient flow of information provided by the work cards.

Reliable and automatic settlement of working time and raw materials

You settle employees from time and raw materials invested in production tasks. And they will settle their RCP system in OptiMES. It will generate cross-sectional reports for you in real time and in the historical context. On their basis, you compare employees and brigades, as well as check and, if necessary, change the norms. Thanks to reliable settlement of working time and raw materials, you provide yourself with effective means to control the costs of work and production.

Integration with I/O systems

Our RCP system is a few solutions in one functional tool – the OptiMES reporting panels will also be used as an I / O system. Of course, we leave you a free choice. You can also start integration with external systems such as Roger, Siemens and many more.

Presence status

You see the presence status in real time and in a very expanded form. Thanks to the current information about who, what does, on which position, along with the progress of the task, you will gain full control over the production process. Now you will not miss anything, but most of all you will gain valuable knowledge about employees, which will help assign them to the tasks in which they will be most effective.

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