Система управления производством
Система управления производством
Production management system
Production management system
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Production management system OptiMES – a solution for every industry

Professional production requires a good plan , control over its implementation and efficient settlement and summary of activities. Such a big simplification is possible only in theoretical considerations. In practice, the complexity of issues and the huge number of processes taking place in connection with production can be organized at a high level,
only with a properly selected production management system.

The example of the OptiMES production system shows that such system solutions make sense, but only if they are wisely created and professionally implemented.

Why it is worth using from the OptiMES production system?

The first of the questions that arises in the context of the consideration of choosing and implementing a production planning system is whether it makes sense in your industry. The example of our system shows that a refined IT system works in all types of production , regardless of the nature of production,
and even in the case of enterprises operating in other fields than the manufacture of products. So far, successfully system functions are used by tool rooms, assemblies, injection molding, printing, companies from the air-conditioning and food industry, as well as those dealing in medical production, energy and even railways.

How can we be sure that the production management system , will work in your company?


It depends on a few issues. From involvement in the analysis of the current production situation and determination of problematic moments that require refinement. From indication of production areas that work so well that it is worth using even harder. From program selection to production,
responding accurately and comprehensively to the needs of employees of production lines, technologists and analysts working in offices, and finally management of the company – in the end it has to improve the work of all those involved in the decision-making and production process.


The good news is that you do not need to and do not do it yourself , because the key to success in implementing a production management system is choosing the right business partner. Such as the team working at OptiMES, which will give what information to collect and what to observe,
perform analyzes and necessary calculations, identify problem areas and, above all, find a way to optimize the production process, implement it and still serve service support.

The system suited to your needs every production company

Effective methods, deadlines and budgets

The OptiMES team adheres to analytical and implementation dates and budgets. Thanks to many years of experience, he agrees with the client the right order of work and deadlines that fit in well with the company.

Practical and specialized in production

Customers especially praise the practicality and ease of use, without unnecessary sprays. It is possible thanks to cooperation with Lean Manufacturing experts, Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster and other organizations associating production companies.

Great support

Customers evaluate support and technical support after implementation at 4.8 / 5. This is a very high result, considering that we mainly solve problems. Such a high score consists not only of the time of the recruitment, but above all the solutions. We guarantee response time throughout Poland also thanks to partners.

More cost-effective because from the producer

OptiMES is more cost-effective than solutions offered by intermediaries, because it is produced by the Polish company Syneo.

For small, medium and large

The smallest customer company using OptiMES employs 8 people on production, the largest is 574. That's a big difference! Of course, it's 2 different implementations. In any case, OptiMES is for everyone, including you.

Flexible, modular and efficient

And it automates repetitive activities such as creating reports, sending alerts, reminding about servicing dates of machines and devices.

Available online

It not only collects data in real time, but also displays it on any device with a web browser. Phone, tablet, computer - now you do not have to call the office to check what's going on.

Team of practitioners

The team that created and develops OptiMES are analysts, developers and implementers of Syneo.pl sp. Z o. o. Sp. K. From Bydgoszcz. Together with our partners, we operate throughout Poland to efficiently implement innovations, increase efficiency and tighten control in manufacturing companies.
Below are a few people,
which you should contact if you have questions.

Karol Chęciński Chairman of the Board

At first he thinks, then he says, and as he says it … they call his words for a long time in the heads of others. His middle name is optimization. He is looking for opportunities to improve or improve, above all, production processes that are to support entrepreneurs in development.

He shares his experience and knowledge with, for example, students.
On a daily basis, he lectures on production management at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz and infects the students of the Kazimierz Wielki University with a passion for managing IT projects.

From the beginning of the professional career involved in process optimization.
Today, he shares his experience and support with others as a leader of programming, implementation and commercial teams.

+48 517 827 436

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